Multi-functional sticky notes

We can customize multi-purpose notes

  • Assorted size ,Love the handy folder pack to stick in your everyday carry.The sticky notes is a good inch wide and you can stick a note in your planner.These sticky notes are great for keeping large notes in place.Sticky Notes bright colors and different sizes helps too. Paper is not thin either.Sticky notes set can help you make any markup include thought bubble sticky notes.
  • The divider sticky notes it’s a great value for the amount of larger sticky pads you get.The sticky tabs on the side for quick reference and being able to place it into your planner so it can prevent it from looking like a preschooler doodled all over it with mistakes and cross outs.The plastic case it comes in so it stores well in your bag and there’s no loose sticky pads everywhere.
  • The sticky notes helped your organize your life.These sticky tabs are perfect for organizing notes.It was exactly what you needed to section off your notes and list all the important information on the sticky notes.
  • Sticky Notes the perfect size to fit any amount of information and they stay very sticky.Sticky tabs do not easy to tear the paper or page when you take the sticky notes off.Lined sticky notes in Large sticky notes can identify your notes equivalent to annotation sticky notes.
  • Divider sticky notes are separated by color, which means you can deliberately take each color respectively out to use if you want without damaging other colors, super handy,easy to post. What’s more, they are as sticky as normal sticky notes.
  • Color sticky note set
    Material: PET;Paper Sticky Notes set includes:
    A total of 402 sticky notes
    -60 sheets Ruled Lined Notes (4×6 inch)
    -48 sheets Dotted Notes (3×4 inch)
    -48 sheets Blank Notes (4×3 inch)
    -48 sheets Orange square blank sticky note
    -48 sheets pink rectangular blank sticky note
    -25 sheets per PET sticky tabs
    Pro Tips:Only half of the strip is sticky,PET sticky tabs cannot absorb the ink of the pen as quick as the paper,easy to post.


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